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Welcome to Museumpalooza, a project that provides a non-traditional starting point for people to learn about museums and all the cool stuff inside of them. 


About Andrea

Learn more about Andrea Duffie and her Museumpalooza project.


About the Author

Andrea is an art buff, a book worm, a dinosaur nerd and Batman fan. She reads too much and sleeps too little, loves to travel and is perpetually curious about everything.

She received her bachelor's degree in English from Texas A&M University, and her master's degree in Art History from the University of North Texas. Never one to confine herself to a single academic discipline, she spent extensive time traveling and studying modern art, Renaissance art, and medieval architecture before nearly exasperating her advisor by writing a master's thesis that combined elements of contemporary art, psychogeography and The Wizard of Oz. (And she still graduated on time!)

Andrea applies this interdisciplinary approach to everything she does, and learns the most when she's investigating connections between seemingly disparate things. She considers herself to be a liberal arts "jack of all trades", and has worked professionally in nonprofits and government for over a decade – although due to her insatiable curiosity, her first love will always be museums.

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