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Welcome to Museumpalooza, a project that provides a non-traditional starting point for people to learn about museums and all the cool stuff inside of them. 


About Tim the T-Rex

A little background about my favorite partner in museum walkabouts, Tim the T-Rex.



A long time ago (March 2014), in a galaxy far, far away (Austin, Texas)...

Andrea and her best friend K-Jo were exploring a magical toy store in downtown Austin when they stumbled upon a tiny toy dinosaur that was obviously in need of a loving home. Andrea was immediately smitten - a long-time dinosaur enthusiast and former aspiring paleontologist, she was charmed by the spark in this little T-Rex's eye, and by his incredibly expressive face, which evoked a sense of wonder, excitement and boundless enthusiasm...not something one often finds in a Tyrannosaur.

After a few minutes of debate, Andrea and K-Jo settled on a name for this tiny tyrant lizard, which was inspired by its alliterative properties, its callback to Jurassic Park, and its ties to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

And now there are some who call him...TIM.

Tim accompanied Andrea on the rest of her Austin adventures, enthusiastically taking part in the random photo safaris of which the girls were so fond. When Andrea decided to go on an art museum walkabout along the East Coast several months later, she vowed to take Tim with her as a way to simultaneously document her adventure, send entertaining images to K-Jo and other friends, and avoid taking ridiculous out-of-focus selfies with random works of art.

Tim proved himself to be a photogenic model and amiable travel companion, not to mention the perfect bridge between two of Andrea's major interests: museums and random nerdiness. He has accompanied her on many museum visits since, always camera-ready and prepared to learn something new.