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Welcome to Museumpalooza, a project that provides a non-traditional starting point for people to learn about museums and all the cool stuff inside of them. 

On the Road Blog

When I travel, I go to museums...and I usually bring Tim the T-Rex with me. Here are the collections of interesting stuff we've seen, learned, or experienced on these adventures.


Andrea Duffie

Museums are always more fun with (human) friends – especially when the museum visit coincides with your birthday week, and especially when the friend in question is our favorite partner-in-crime, K-Jo!

While there are other museums in Dallas that could have been included in this trip, we limited our day to the Perot Museum of Nature & Science, and the Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art. The Crow Collection and the Nasher Sculpture Garden will be visited and documented on a day when we didn't spend so long devouring my birthday brunch.


We accomplished our first goal: figuring out where we're going! (It was harder than you'd think.)


Tim the T-Rex is on the trail of something...big. #Museumpalooza


Tim the T-Rex got a little star-struck today; he'd never met such a famous model before. #JurassicPark #Museumpalooza


Is it a rock? Petrified wood? No – it's PALEO-POO! (Also scientifically called a "coprolite".) #Museumpalooza


Cool skyline shot of #Dallas, from the third floor of the Perot Museum.


Tim the T-Rex was dazzled by some of the Jackson Pollock paintings in the Dallas Museum of Art's Jackson Pollock: Blind Spots exhibit.

Wayne Thiebaud, Salads, Sandwiches, and Desserts. Oil on canvas. (1962)

Wayne Thiebaud, Salads, Sandwiches, and Desserts. Oil on canvas. (1962)

We also enjoyed the DMA's International Pop exhibit, although looking at Wayne Thiebaud's Salads, Sandwiches and Desserts made Tim hungry...


Couldn't have asked for a better pre-birthday weekend than a mini-Museumpalooza around Dallas with my favorite partner in crime! #bestestbestbuds

Although of course, a few of my Fort Worth friends had something to say about our choice of location...

Duh. Now, when's second breakfast?

Duh. Now, when's second breakfast?