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Welcome to Museumpalooza, a project that provides a non-traditional starting point for people to learn about museums and all the cool stuff inside of them. 


Online Portfolio

A collection of my projects, from my writings on The Modern Blog to my more marketing campaigns for BRIT and the City of Fort Worth.

Online Portfolio

Here's a collection of some of my favorite professional marketing campaigns and writing samples, including several of my more recent projects at the City of Fort Worth and other nonprofits, and a selection of posts from The Modern Blog.


Marketing PROJECTS & Campaigns, 2018-present


I helped conceive the City of Fort Worth Recreation Catalog, creating processes and infrastructure to obtain and clean-up the data, as well as providing art direction. The catalog is produced with minimal staff, currently averages about 52 pages, and is distributed to the city's 21 community centers and other recreation locations.

RecCatalogs1-5 (1).jpg


2017 Facebook Campaign, AGGIE CENTURY TREE PROJECT

In addition to the recurring "Home for the Holidays" campaign, we did a photoshoot with the Century Tree and a few personalized props in order to create a more robust fall campaign that could encompass multiple holidays during the main growing season for Century Tree seedlings.


2017 Camp Fort Worth CAMPAIgn, the city of fort worth

The Park & Recreation Department decided not to do a theme this year, so the campaign changed slightly to focus more on the character of the city's mascot: Molly the Longhorn. Time constraints resulted in using the same art for the fliers and the bus bench ads, but we were able to utilize the Molly mascot in several promotional materials, including a longhorn-shaped headband that was a hit at our local MayFest, and an "early bird" flier. As in past years, I directed the creative for all aspects of this campaign; the art, as it was in previous years, was produced by the talented local team at ShoNuff Studios.


2017: City of Fort Worth Communications Handbook & Style Guide

Before I developed this handbook, the City of Fort Worth had never had a consistent style guide for all department communicators to follow – every department designed what they wanted, and the city's visual identity was incredibly confusing and cluttered as a result. This project was a cornerstone of my team's strategic communications plan as our organization began shifting towards a more cohesive, corporate brand. It was intended to be both practical and educational, easily understood by seasoned communications professionals and non-communicators alike.

After listening to and accommodating the needs and concerns of department stakeholders, I developed the overall tone, style, and branding colors; wrote the content specifying how the different elements should be used, and provided creative direction to our graphic artist to help refine the handbook layout. 


2016 Camp Fort Worth CAMPAIgn, the city of fort worth

The theme may have been different, but the cartoon characters from the previous year's Camp Fort Worth campaign remained nearly the same in order to reinforce our visual identity with campers and parents alike. I directed the creative for all aspects of this campaign; the art, as it was in 2015, was produced by the talented local team at ShoNuff Studios.


2016 National parks month campaign, The city of Fort Worth

Due to a nonexistent budget, the 2016 National Parks Month campaign was done entirely on Facebook. I visited several local parks that had an interesting history or unique features (like public art) and took photos, which we were able to turn into "park spotlights". I interspersed these spotlights with photos from community center programs, athletic programs, and other recreational offerings. It was also a great opportunity to build the Parks Department's photo archive.


2015 National Parks Month Campaign, The City of Fort Worth

I incorporated both photographs and flat design/silhouettes into this campaign as a continuation of the design strategy I had been developing with the Parks Department, in light of their lack of high-quality marketing photos. The combination made for an eye-catching design, especially when produced on four large banners and numerous smaller social media images that promoted the importance of getting outdoors and enjoying the many offerings of the city's parks.


2015 AggieCenturyTreeProject.Com, The Aggie Century Tree Project

Not only did I design the website and re-develop the business plan from the ground up, so that the Aggie Century Tree Project could transition into a business driven primarily by online purchasing, but I also created all the accompanying marketing materials such as business cards and print advertisements.

In 2016, the my Facebook Ad campaign for the Aggie Century Tree Project generated a little over one-third of the business' total annual sales.



I had the opportunity to art direct the Park Department's first city-wide Camp Fort Worth campaign, which included bus bench advertisements, posters, fliers, postcards, T-shirts, and specialty items. With a theme of "Superhero Academy", I came up with the idea of reaching out to a local comic book artist at ShoNuff Studios to create new "knock-off" superheroes specifically for this project.

The campaign was considered a popular success, both because camp attendance was consistent in spite of a $20 price increase from previous years, and because both campers and center staff were able to incorporate the branding into their camp programming. Center staff also reported receiving phone calls from parents who specifically requested to sign their kids up for "your superhero camp".


2013 Festive By Nature Exhibit, Botanic Research Institute of Texas

In addition to curating and installing this exhibition, I was able to completely brand and market it via social media, specifically through a "12 Days of Festive By Nature" countdown campaign in which I spotlighted a plant featured in our exhibition, along with a scientific or holiday-related fact in the body of the post. I wrote and designed the exhibition's wall text as well.

Installation views of the Festive by Nature exhibit

2013 North Texas Day of Giving, Botanic Research Institute of Texas

I researched, designed and executed this campaign solely on BRIT's Facebook page without any budget whatsoever. Thanks to this campaign, BRIT received $35,000 in donations in a single day during the annual North Texas Day of Giving, which was more than any other organization in Fort Worth's Cultural District. 

City of Fort Worth
Internal Communications Highlights, 2015-2017

While most of my internal communications work at the City of Fort Worth consisted of news articles focused on policy updates or benefits/HR information, I also tried to include some stories that spotlighted the important (and often unnoticed) work that regular city employees perform each day that help make the City of Fort Worth a better organization and a more livable city.


Note: Due to website maintenance, the original images that accompanied the posts on The Modern's website have been removed. I've added similar images here, in order to provide more context to the posts.

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